Sunday, November 7, 2010



You shiver your cold, you cover your naked soul, 
and I fear for the good in you.
So I undress here in front of you, clearly showing that my
soul is naked too

Your crying, spilling out your bleeding heart,
with these words you spin a tale of bitter dreams,
hopes that vanished only to leave you here with ruined schemes.

In simple attempt to comfort you I share my dreams of broken tunes,
a sullen symphony of malevolent boons.
In a moment of reflection I turn to you to speak of hopeless truths,
no words could make this feeling go away, so in desperation I make amends.

My past intentions were to push you from the edge in foolish rage.
To bring you here to the core of your soul,
to help you realize the mistake you’ve made.
To tell you now your evil is true,
  and know this now I’m a monster too.

Ole Morten Støbakk

Thursday, October 7, 2010



Conscious in life enlightened in death,
I now see the truth with each waking breath.
I thank you now for the mercy you have granted me,
sending me home where I was supposed to be.

Your killing blow have freed my soul,
my spirit now is speeding home.
Taken from this mortal realm I’m finally free,
forever grateful for the mercy you granted me.

Ole Morten Støbakk

Last Hour Of Life

"Last hour of life

We are lying here counting the stars 
asking where the years have gone.
Dreaming away about things that are past,
thoughts about how things might have been.

The wind is caressing our skin,
a feeling of serenity
blowing away past sins.

Who would have thought we would end up here,
on the top of the world naked and fair.
The moon is shining a melancholy mood
as I’m trying to tell you my feelings for you.

What a pretty gem you turned out to be.
So gracious and free,
to beautiful for a blackened soul like me.

As the night goes on and the wind blows its lulling song
I realize that this is the end of the road for me,
I stand up and move to the edge of the world,
turning my head with a trickling tear.

I start to fall ending it all with a single thought.
My only regret in life came to be--
that I never explained my love for thee.

Ole Morten Støbakk

Saturday, January 30, 2010



Det er ikke meg å feile, kun det menneskelige
i oss alle. For vert liv som går tapt må at
nytt bli skapt for å bevare sjelen i oss alle.
For etterhvert som tiden går og du omsider
forstår at du ikke er dømt til å gå
veien alene, vil du også se at selv om
det er tungt er livet fyllt med mye
håp og glede.

Ole Morten Støbakk


Dedicated to: Connie Malen Moen

I flowered my bliss with the reflection of your smile
i drowned my sorrow in the gaze of your eyes
With your hand you lift me to the sky
but now that your gone my soul seems to die

I try to keep these feelings out
but the harder i try i just start to cry
For every tear that drops from my eyes
i know that with you i shall forever be proud.

You took my hand and led me to light
and you dropped it and left me in doubt
I sat all alone and wondered why
you left me alone in the blistering cold.

But now that i realize that you will never be mine
I'm telling myself that it's not worth the try
I still keep on shining in your glittering smile
wondering how i could ever make you mine.

But if i ever could feel just a glint of your love
i would keep it forever in the warmth of my soul
To hold on to a feeling that would make me fly
i know that for this i would gladly die.

After all these years my feelings to day
would change in an instant if i saw you again
Because i can't see the answer to a question that drives me away
Would i have ever known love if i never meet you that day.

Ole Morten Støbakk

Mortal Darkness

"Mortal Darkness"
Dedicated to: Connie Malen Moen

Total darkness surrounding me like
a gust of wind from nothingness,
saying nothing of the sorrow behind.

The voice in my head is coming back,
whispering words like razors through flesh.

Helpless that i am,
im falling like the mortal i am,
wounded by the dagger that you can't remove,
leaving nothing but an everlasting wound.

Ole Morten Støbakk


Dedicated to: Anita Kristine Olsen

From the deepest corners of my mind i seem
to find everything that i left behind, all
the words i didn't dare to say, and all the
grief that makes me fail

In these dark halls im bound to walk, with
nothing but a ghost to whom i walk. And when
i was just about to give in, you came and touched
me with something real and showed me that even
i am able to feel.

With your tears you shed light
in the shades and my ghost seems to fade, and with the sound of
your voice i slide back in to the light from which you came.

Ole Morten Støbakk